Not Drinking Washington’s Kool-Aid is the best cure for stomaching the Affordable Care Act and the games of our politicians!

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, talks about the deadline to fund the government Thursday on Capitol Hill.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, talks about the deadline to fund the government Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Shane Moore

Today the House voted 230 to 189 to keep the government funded while stopping the funding for Obama care. Is this is a real attempt to defund the ACA and not political gamesmanship to pander to their constituents? If so, what is going to come of the President’s signature law? A government shut down by the Senate, The President, or is it the end of Obama care? Or are these more chicane political tactics by the right for their conservative base? 

What we do know is that we have more questions than answers with today’s vote and the effects of the entire bill.  My belief is that it’s not worth any thought, speculation or attention to the spin coming from Washington! 

After the passage Boehner described the bill as a “train wreck” and went on to say;  “The American people don’t want the government to shut down and they don’t want Obama care,” he said, “The House has listened to the American people. Now it’s time for the United States Senate to listen to them as well.”

 A week ago the House leadership was explaining all the reasons why they could not defund Obama care, and today the bill is being sent over to Harry Reid and the Senate.  A question one could ponder is “what will the Senate do?  Will they shut the Government down or will they pass it and fight through a different means?”  As well, “If this bill is passed by the Senate, will President Obama sign it or allow a Government shut down?  If he signs it, what will happen to his Signature Law?”  We could go down this road until we reach the moon or we could not think about things that we cannot change and deal with today! 

 This is definitely unprecedented times, and I don’t believe that this is worth the mental energy to worry about.  Americans have always been opposed to the Government takeover of health care since it passed. At the passage of the PPACA, Americans opposed the bill by a 10 to 20 percent margin depending on the poll, without much fluctuation.  Today, the polls are not too much different.

What we do know is the numbers of people that are being affected by our politicians are enormous.  Whether you are an employer or an employee, weather opposed or in favor, whether a Republican or a Democrat, you will be affected! 

 Here at Valley Employee Benefits, we have spent the majority of our time over the last three and half years preparing for the implementation.  Many hours have been spent researching questions from our clients to keep them abreast and help them comply with the changes.  Today, seventy five percent of our time consists of implementation and compliance.  We have recently gone through all the training to become certified to sell on both the State and Federal exchanges.  We are currently working on a websites specifically to help you navigate through the portal or marketplace.

Again, whether you support or oppose the law, the unintended consequences, known and unknown, are too many to determine. My suggestion is to “drink your own Kool-Aid, hang on and enjoy the show”.

Shane Moore



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